Screening and Recoating of Wood Floors

Over a period of time the finish (wear layer) on a wood floor will wear and abrade.  When regular maintenance services do not maintain the desired level of finish, the floor may need to be refinished.  Refinishing usually doesn’t mean the floor has to be completely sanded, stained, painted, sealed and finished.  If the finish layer has not been completely abraded and there is no damage to the stain, paint or wood; then the floor probably needs to be screened and recoated.

GameDay Floors offers screening and recoating of all types of wood floors.  We specialize in sport surfaces like basketball, volley ball and racquet ball courts.  We have contracts with many large schools districts for just this service.

Skills and Knowledge

Screening involves abrading the existing finish and applying coats of new finish.  The new finish restores the desired gloss level and aesthetic of the floor.

GameDay Floors, has the skills and knowledge to screen and recoat, maintain and or restore your floor.

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